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Educational Products

Are You A Parent? A Children’s Association or Club? An Education Organization? Do you worry about child safety when you’re not there to watch over them? Let’s face it, as parents and educators, our children are only as safe as we teach them to be.

“Your product has given me some peace of mind that in the event of an incident, I am fully prepared to provide potentially life-saving and certainly time saving material to the authorities. I think every parent should be prepared in this fashion, especially since it costs very little to prepare an Id kit(s)."

- Julie Rabun, Knoxville TN

"Safe & Sound" Sing Along CD

Sing along with the Zucchini brothers as they teach kids Fingerprint America’s “10 Important Rules of Safety.” Renowned for their award-winning videos, albums, live performances and nationally syndicated radio show, the Zucchinis serve up a toe-tapping, instantly memorable musical review of the fundamental rules of safety.

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Child Safety Activity Book

The “Billy's Safe Adventure” Activity Book is designed to prepare and teach children, in a non-threatening manner, the fundamentals of being safe. While most people and places children encounter each day are safe, this book helps teach them how to react rationally in unfamiliar situations.

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