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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the turn-around time from the time that I place my order?

A. From the time that you place your order, after price quote and artwork approvals, standard production time is 2-3 weeks for delivery. Unless you order our stock kits. Stock Kits are ready to ship immediately.

Q. My event is in 1 week, can you get me my order before then?
        Is there an extra charge for shipping or production?

A. Rush services are available if your event is under the standard production time from the initial order. There is a 5% rush service charge for production under 10 business days. Additional shipping & handling will also be added to your total invoice.

Q. When should I expect a bill?

A. Your invoice will be sent out following your order and terms are Due on Receipt.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept checks, money orders and the following credit cards Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q. Why should I choose Fingerprint America?

A. Fingerprint America has been manufacturing Custom Child Identification kits since 1996. Our kits were designed with the help from New York State’s Department of Criminal Justice Services and are the number one choice for Law Enforcement Nation Wide! We are consistently looking to create the best technology in Child Identification and bringing it to you and your family! We also offer the “lowest price guarantee”.

Q. How does the “GenetiKid DNA Isolation Card” work?

A.The “GenetiKid DNA Isolation Card” is a forensic quality DNA membrane collection kit that is easy for parents to use at home. The parents simply take the enclosed cotton swab and rub the inside of the child’s cheek to collect the buccal cells and apply the sample on the chemically treated paper. There is no drawing of blood or discomfort for the child! There is also no need for refrigeration or freezing! If the is child missing, a forensics team can extract the DNA from the sample, and have the genetic profile of that child in just a few hours!

Q. I want to order kits, but I only want a small quantity. Can I order under the minimum of 250?

A. You can order a minimum of 5 kits with no custom imprint. They will have our stock logo (Billy B Smart), but you will get the same great product! You can either call our office (9-5 M-F EST) or order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our stock kits are always ready for immediate delivery!

Q. Do you have kits in different languages?

A. We do offer kits in different languages – they are available in the standard Child Identification kits, ChoicePrint Kits, GenetiKid DNA Kits and ID Complete Kits.

Q. I work for a non-profit organization and have very little money. Do you donate your kits?

A.Fingerprint America will occasionally donate to the inquiring organization provided there is certification stating that you are a non-profit organization. Please mail or fax that documentation with a letter on your origination’s letterhead stating that you are requesting a donation of Child Identification Kits and how many you are requesting.

Q. I am interested in the Ink Strips, Cotton Swabs and/or the DNA Isolation Card. Do you sell
        those separately?

A. The ink strips, DNA Membrane Cards and Cotton Swabs are sold separately. Click here for products pages.

Q. What is “Camera-Ready” artwork?

A. Camera-Ready” artwork means that it is ready for print – meaning the resolution is higher than 200 dpi and there is no further work needing to be done in the file.

Q. I don’t have a logo or artwork; can you design it for me?

A. We will produce your artwork if needed, for a $40.00 Artwork Set-Up Fee. We do have standard badges for Police and Sheriff and will accommodate your groups needs for a logo.

Q. Can I see a proof of what the kits will look like?

A. We can either email or fax a proof of the final product. We will make any necessary changes to that artwork upon request.

Q. What formats of images do you work with?

A.We will work with most standard formats of the artwork (i.e.: .jpg, .psd, .tif, .ai, .bmp, .gif, .eps etc.) 300 DPI JPEG is most desirable.

Q. What is the “Artwork Set-Up Fee” and will I be charged if I order again?

A. The “Artwork Set-Up Fee” is a one-time fee of $40. This charge can be avoided with “Camera-Ready” artwork.

Q. If I have a Black & Gold artwork, is that 2 colors?

A. Black is our standard imprint color which is included in the imprint price. If you would like to add any colors it is a per color charge. If you do not want black but want blue for example there would be a one color charge.

Q. I ordered a few years back, do you keep our artwork on file?

A. Once we have your artwork we will keep it on file, even if you change your logo or a sponsoring party is not involved anymore and there will be no set up fee.


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